WP Mautic Form Integrator Plugin Documentation

Getting Started


WP Mautic Form Integrator will allow you to use the form builder plugin you are already using to collect email data and other information for Mautic’s marketing automation. Without writing a single line of code you can bring your email lists into one of the most comprehensive open-source marketing applications available.

With WP Mautic Form Integrator plugin you are able to map the form fields of your chosen form builder plugin with the fields defined within Mautic. To use, just install the WP Mautic Form Integrator plugin, set up the value you wish to collect, connect them with the pre-existing Mautic values, and you will be ready to integrate the forms in no time.


In version 1.1.0 we have added some more functionality. To use this you just need to set Mautic base url in the WP Mautic Form Integrator setting page. View more about configuration steps.

  1. Plugin will add Mautic tracking pixel code in the footer of your web page.
  2. Use shortcode to render Mautic form on your website. Example: [haw_mautic_form id="1"]. Here 'id' is the Mautic from id.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
  2. Search for 'WP Mautic Form Integrator'
  3. Activate 'WP Mautic Form Integrator'.

From WordPress plugin repository

  1. Download WP Mautic Form Integrator.
  2. Upload the 'wp-mautic-form-integrator' directory to your '/wp-content/plugins/' directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, )
  3. Activate 'WP Mautic Form Integrator' from your plugins page.

Upload plugin using WordPress admin uploader

  1. Download WP Mautic Form Integrator.
  2. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
  3. Click on upload plugin button.
  4. Click on browse button and select plugin zip file. After file select click on 'Install Now' button.
  5. Click on 'Activate Plugin' button.


  1. Visit 'WP Mautic Form Integrator' -> 'Settings'.
  2. You will need to fill the Mautic API keys and Mautic base url will be your url of the server where you have the Mautic installed. Please follow the below steps to get the Mautic API detail.
    1. Visit configuration page on Mautic.
    2. Enable API in API Settings. And fill 525600 in access token lifetime and 365 in refresh token lifetime and click on 'Apply'.
    3. Visit API Credential page.
    4. Click on 'Add New'.
    5. Enter Application name in name field. And click 'Apply'.
    6. Now you will get 'Consumer Key' & 'Consumer Secret'. Copy that keys and fill them into the WP Mautic Form Integrator setting page.
      Enter 'Consumer Key' into 'Mautic Public Key' field and 'Consumer Secret' into 'Mautic Secret Key' filed.
  3. Enable the dependent plugin to utilize the the WP Mautic Form Integrator plugin.


What are the minimum server requirements for this plugin to work?

PHP version: 5.3.x
WordPress version: 3.0